Pharmaceutical Chemical

Selenium Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Selenium Pharmaceutical Chemicals
This sector includes chemicals used in variety of industries such as selenium dioxide as oxidising agent in preparation of API's selenium sulphide for anti dandruff shampoos, sodium selenite anhydrous and pentahydrate in animal feed formulations.
Selenium Dioxide 7446-08-4 231-194-7 Reagent for alkaloids, Oxidizing agent, Antioxidant in lubricating oils, Catalyst in iquid phase oxidation of acetophenone & manufacture of other selenium compounds.
Selenious Acid 7783-00-8 234-974-7 Reagent for alkaloids, Oxidizing agent.
Sodium Selenite anhydrous 10102-18-8 204-881-4 Removing green colour from glass, alkaloid reagent, supplementary to poultry & livestock feed.
Sodium Selenite pentahydrate 26970-82-1 233-267-9 Animal feed Formulations
Selenium Sulphide 7488-56-4 231-303-8 Detergent preparation & in anti dandruff shampoos.
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