Pharmaceutical Chemical

Sodium Selenite

Sodium Selenite

10102-18-8 204-881-4 Removing green colour from glass, alkaloid reagent, supplementary to poultry & livestock feed.

Cobalt Compound & Quarternary Ammonium Compounds

Cobalt Compound & Quarternary Ammonium Compounds

Ethyl Tri Phenyl Phosphonium Bromide (ETPBr)1530-32-1216-223-3As Phase transfer catalyst especially in powder coatings, paints & Pharmaceuticals. As wittig's Reagent for stabilizing Monomers & polymers..
Methyl Tri Phemyl Phosphonium Bromide1779-49-3217-218-9As Phase transfer catalyst
Cobalt Chloride7646-79-9231-589-4In Electroplating, for painting glass & porcelain, preparation of catalyst, fertilizers & feed additives, In invisible ink etc.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

This section deals with basic inorganic & Organotin Pharmaceutical chemicals of Tin selenium & Cobalt supplied to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The pharmaceutical industry chemicals listed below are not limited to one particular industry and find roles in various other industries as well like electroplating, manufacture of specialty chemicals to name a few.

One of our field of expertise also include manufacture of Quarternery ammonium Compounds Like Ethyl Tri Phenyl Phosphonium Bromide [ETPPBr] & Methyl tri Phenyl Phosphonium Bromide having multiple roles in various industrial segments and other are sodium stannate, stannous chloride and stannous oxalate.

Selenium Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Selenium Pharmaceutical Chemicals
This sector includes chemicals used in variety of industries such as selenium dioxide as oxidising agent in preparation of API's selenium sulphide for anti dandruff shampoos, sodium selenite anhydrous and pentahydrate in animal feed formulations.
Selenium Dioxide 7446-08-4 231-194-7 Reagent for alkaloids, Oxidizing agent, Antioxidant in lubricating oils, Catalyst in iquid phase oxidation of acetophenone & manufacture of other selenium compounds.
Selenious Acid 7783-00-8 234-974-7 Reagent for alkaloids, Oxidizing agent.
Sodium Selenite anhydrous 10102-18-8 204-881-4 Removing green colour from glass, alkaloid reagent, supplementary to poultry & livestock feed.
Sodium Selenite pentahydrate 26970-82-1 233-267-9 Animal feed Formulations
Selenium Sulphide 7488-56-4 231-303-8 Detergent preparation & in anti dandruff shampoos.

Tin Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Chemicals listed in this segment have wide variety of roles ranging from usage as reducing agent in manufacture of API's to active ingredient in toothpaste formulations to usage as catalyst in preparation of Cosmetics.
CompoundCas No.EINECS No.Other Basic Applications
Tin di chloride Dihydrate [Stannous chloride Dihydrate]10025-69-1231-868-0Powerful reducing agent, Manufacturing of other tin compounds S dyes, In tinning by galvanic methods, liquor finishing of wires, in soldering flux, Pharmaceuticals etc.
Stannous chloride Anhydrous7772-99-8231-868-0Pharmaceuticals, in electro conductive & electroluminescent coatings, Textile Finishing etc.
Stannic Chloride Anhydrous7646-78-8231-558-9In Electro conductive & electroluminescent coatings, manufacture of other tin salts, As mordant in dyeing textiles & in weighing silk, Dehydrating agent, Stabilizer for colors & perfumes in soaps etc.
Stannic Chloride (Pentahydrate)10026-06-9231-588-9It is a substitute for Anhydrous Stannic Chloride when the presence of water is not objectionable. Applications remain the same.
Stannous flouride7783-47-3231-999-3As an ingredient in caries preventing toothpastes.
Stannous Pyrophosphate15578-26-4231-302-2As an ingredient in caries preventing toothpastes.
Sodium Stannate12027-70-2234-724-5In Cosmetic In Electroplating, As mordant in dyeing & printing, For fire proofing of curtains.
Tri-n-butyl Tin Chloride(TBTCI)1461-22-9215-958-7Reactive intermediate for special organic synthesis, Reactive additive for Modification of synthetic rubber
Tri-n-butyl Tin Methoxide (TBTM)1067-52-3213-933-5As catalyst in Pharmaceutical industry and for manufacture of specialty chemicals
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